Q: Can I take a distribution class pass/fail?

A: Yes, a maximum of 9 credits of distribution and advanced electives can be taken pass fail. Click here to learn more about Olin’s pass/fail policy.

The following courses cannot be taken as pass/fail: College Writing, Calculus, Ethics and Values Distribution course. Classes taken pass/fail cannot double count as distribution AND advanced elective.

Q: Can I take a Business course pass/fail?

A: Yes, students may take up to 6 units of Business courses pass/fail. Click here to learn more about Olin’s pass/fail policy.

Students can only take business classes pass/fail after their 6th semester.
The business class can only be above and beyond the requirements for the business degree, excluding both course requirements and credit limit (60 units).

Q: How can I get off of a waitlist for one of my business classes?

A: Though some courses have priority enrollment, the majority of waitlists are process in order. Students can only be enrolled naturally in the order in which they joined the waitlist when a space becomes available as other students drop the course. Professors cannot bypass the waitlist. If you are a graduating senior and are unable to get into a course required to graduate, please speak with your advisor.

Q: Can I enroll in one section of a class and attend the other?

A: No. Students must attend the section they are enrolled in.

Q: Do I have to fulfill all prerequisites to enroll in a course?

A: Yes, Olin strictly enforces prerequisites. Please review the course descriptions prior to enrolling in a course. It is your responsibility to be aware of prerequisites, and they apply regardless of the grade option (credit, p/f, audit).

Faculty cannot waive prerequisites for courses.

Q: Can I double count classes between my Olin majors?

A: Only one course can double count between your Olin majors. You cannot double count a course towards a major and a minor.

Q: Can courses for a major or minor outside of Olin count towards my distribution or advanced elective requirements?

A: Yes, Olin allows such courses to double count. It is always important to check with your non BSBA second major/minor advisor to ensure they allow double counting, however.

Q: I want to drop a course but I missed the deadline, what do I do?

A: Dropping a course (“d”) after the add/drop deadline results in a withdrawal (“w”), which appears on your transcript. Exceptions to drop a course with a “d” late will not be allowed. Olin posts important dates for students to be aware of throughout the semester.

Q: Will I get a BSBA degree if I am a second major in Olin?

A: No. Students must be admitted into or transfer to Olin to receive a BSBA degree. Otherwise, your primary division will award your degree and you will receive a second major in an Olin major. The second major will be indicated on your WashU transcript.

Q: How do I transfer to the Olin Business School?

A: To be eligible for an internal transfer to Olin Business School, students must complete Math 132 (Calculus II), two business courses with grades of C- or higher, and obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25. For additional details and information about the internal transfer process, click here.