General Olin Policies

For a full list of Olin policies please review the handbooks and visit the University Bulletin.

  • You must be enrolled in 12 units.
  • College Writing: C- or higher is required.

Dean’s List

  • GPA: 3.6 or higher
  • At least 14 graded credits
  • No incompletes or “N” grades

Policy on Majors and Minors

You may earn a maximum of two majors. Your options include either declaring two business majors or declaring one business major and one major outside of Olin. Declarations for business majors must be declared online through Webstac by Feb 10th of your sophomore year. Olin students may earn one or two minors depending on the number of majors you are pursuing.

Your options are:

  • one major and two minors
  • two majors and one minor

To view your major and minor options visit the University Bulletin.

Degree Requirements

Tuition & Fees