You may choose to complete a second degree in addition to your BSBA. Some programs may require more than 150 credits. Naturally this will entail a heavier load and/or summer course work. Your advisor is prepared to help you understand the requirements and outline the appropriate schedule. 

Business and Arts & Sciences – Your primary advisor will be in the Olin Business School. You must earn a minimum of 150 credit hours. 

Business and Art/Architecture – Because of the extremely structured timetable for art studio classes, dual degree students in Art or Architecture will find their primary advisor in those schools. An Olin Business School advisor will provide additional support. 

Dual Bachelor and Specialized Master – current WashU undergraduates in any area of study have the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond a bachelor’s degree. Whether you apply as a junior or senior, explore the benefits of earning two degrees from WashU Olin.

3+2 BSBA and MBA – this selective program allows for early admission so students are able to earn their BSBA and MBA in five years, instead of six.  Admission to the 3+2 program is extremely competitive. You must have a substantive summer internship experience in the corporate world. Students must complete 90 units including all non-business requirements by the fall of their senior year. Once thirty units of required course work are completed in the graduate program, the BSBA degree will be awarded. The MBA Admissions Committee makes final admission decisions based on the student’s maturity and perceived ability to handle graduate level work in an accelerated program.