The Undergraduate Programs Office offers limited funding for Olin recognized student organizations. Organizations can request funding via the Funding Request Form.  All funding requests must be made before any purchases. The Undergraduate Programs will not retroactively approve funding requests. Please review the list of not approved funding request before submitting.

Funding Request Timeline:

  • General body meetings and members only events: Request should be made 10 days in advance.
  • Events open to the Olin/WashU community funding: Request must be made 5 weeks in advance.
  • Case competitions and conference funding: Request must be made 5 weeks in advance.

Student Travel

Students requesting funding for conference attendance and case competitions must submit the requests at least 5 weeks in advance. Students approved to attend a conference or case competition must provide a blog post and a picture of all the members in attendance. All students who travel to a destination that is outside a 50 mile radius from the University or includes an overnight stay must complete the travel registration. Please review the Travel Policy.


Students are not legal signatories of the University, and may not sign contracts or agreements or enter into any verbal agreements, on behalf of their organization. Students may not sign contracts of any kind. To have contracts signed please make an appointment with Campus Life 314.935.3443 or speak with your Student Organization’s BSBA Advisor.

Additional Funding

If a student organization is in need of additional funding beyond the approved amount provided by Undergraduate Programs, funding requests can be made to the Weston Career Center through your organization’s BSBA advisor. The Weston Career Center may provide funding for events that are centered on professional development and career readiness.


If an organization member pays for any organizational related purchases, a check request may be made to reimburse the individual. All reimbursements for expenditures made on behalf of an organization must be accompanied by documentation. To process the request, the Accounting Department must have ORIGINAL ITEMIZED invoices or receipts and a completed BSBA Programs Student Reimbursement Form. Reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of the conclusion of the event.

No Outside Bank Accounts

Under NO circumstance is an Olin recognized organization allowed to have an outside bank account. Accounts such as or similar to Venmo and Paypal are considered outside accounts and are strictly prohibited. Organization members are never allowed to use personal bank accounts to house student group funds. Evidence of an outside bank account will result in possible denial of future funding