We are excited that you are thinking about starting a new organization at Olin! 

Before starting the Olin organization recognition process there are several things your organization should consider: 

  1. How will our organization satisfy a unique need within Olin undergraduate and the Washington University community?
  2. Who will be the founding members, president, and treasurer? 
  3. What will our mission, purpose, and goals be? How will our constitution reflect the mission and purpose? How will the constitution help us achieve those goals? 
  4. Will we seek Student Union recognition? 
  5. What will our funding needs be? 
  6. The members and organization executives should primarily be undergraduates or focused on the undergraduate’s experience.

To start the Olin recognition process: 

  1. Complete the BSBA Student Organization Recognition Form
  2. Create a constitution and upload it to the BSBA Student Organization Recognition Form. 

Questions should be directed to Yoon Groves, Director of Academic and Student Affairs, at Yoon.Groves@wustl.edu.